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The Fundamental Library of the University is the oldest and largest collection of books on history of forest science and forest education, forestry experience in Russia. At present, the fund of the library consists of about 1,5 million volumes, including about 8,000 rare publications, unique sources for studying Russian culture and technical history.

Among rare volumes of the Library there are works of F.G. Fokel, E.F. Zyablovskiy, P.A. Perelygin – authors of the first Russian publications on forestry and manuals on special forest disciplines.

“Decrees of Peter the Great” published by the Academy of Sciences, have a special place in the library collection. Almost a half of forest decrees, instructions and letters of Peter the Great of 1722–1723 refer to regulations of cuttings, protection and conservation of the most valuable ship timber forests. These documents became the basis of the future state forest management system and led to creation of special state structures – “forest supervisors

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