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CBU MSc Degree Programme in Forestryis based on bilateral and international collaboration in the fields of forest and environmental sciences with the aim to promote the ecologically and socially sustainable use of nature resources. As well as teaching based on high level scientific research the aim is to develop student's cross-cultural understanding and knowledge of different working environments. It is designed for students, who already have their Bachelor or comparable degree recognized by the university. The working language is English, and studies take place both in Finland and Russia. The extent of this two-year long study course is 120 ECTS points. It has been fully implemented since autumn 2007.

Competence in cross-border working environment

CBU FOR provides students with knowledge and skills which enable them to serve at multi-national organizations in the field of creating rational strategies and operations, especially for territories and forests of Finland and Russia. The program provides the students with high quality and diversified training in forestry and bio-energy, with emphasis on social and ecological sustainability.

    The four partner universities are:
  • University of Eastern Finland (a coordinator),
  • St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University,
  • Petrozavodsk State University,
  • Moscow State Forest University.
  • Strong expertise in various fields
    CBU FOR utilizes the strong expertise of its partner universities in:
  • ecology and forestry,
  • bio-energy production,
  • forest resource management and planning,
  • forest economics and policy,
  • forest technology and forest products marketing.

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