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In 1834, upon an initiative of the Minister of finance E.F. Kankrin, a training forest site was founded and since then Lisino Experimental Forest Station has been serving as a unique nature scientific laboratory of the FTU. Here the foundations of forestry organization in Russia were laid, and dozens of generations of foresters have obtained their professional training.

As far back as in 1834, experiments on growing of forest stands on reclaimed areas were started, and up to now research of soil dynamics and soil formation conditions is in progress.

In Russia, the first forest regulation was made here according to the rules of science, and today all the newest methods and technologies of forest regulation works are tested in Lisino.

The experiments on selection of optimal cuttings and growing trees’ techniques started almost 100 years ago.

The constant monitoring of health conditions of forest stands and practical tests of pest control have been executing here since XIX century.

Staff of the University, post-graduates and students may carry out research, establish new experimental plots, create industrial objects such as planting stock nurseries, tree plants, afforestation of reclaimed marches and clear cuts. It would be right to say that high capacity Lisino forests are result of the fruitful work of the FTU scientists.

Okhta Experimental Forest Station – “a forest in the city” – is a unique object for research of landscape stability, a place for practical training of students.

At present, Lisino and Okhta Experimental Forest Stations are the site of working experience, professional training of the FTU students. An important part of the forest stations’ activities is a complex tour to experimental grounds, where the most experienced professors of all departments of the Forestry Faculty give master classes for students. These classes have been practiced since long ago, handing down traditions from one generation to another, promoting scientific and research education of future qualified specialists in forestry.

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