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The faculty was established in 2011on the basis of the Department of Gardening and Landscape Design. It trains bachelor students who become highly qualified specialists in design, building and exploitation of plantations, landscape gardening and architecture.

Education at the faculty is a creative process. Students master graphic computer programs, design gardens and parks, develop new approaches in landscape design, enjoy field practice in Adler City, acquire European experience during practical training in Sweden and Finland, actively work in the student scientific society StILI.

The faculty actively cooperates with professional organizations in Russia, such as Saint Petersburg Association of Landscape Architects, Association of Landscape Architects of Russia, International Federation of Landscape Architects, European Federation of Landscape Architecture (EFLA), European Council of Landscape Schools (ECLAS), and also with foreign universities, such as Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), New Zealand University of Lincoln, Harvard University, University of Applied Sciences in Finland (HAMK), and Vilnius University.

Graduates of the faculty are multifunctional highly qualified workers. Sphere of their activities is very wide: arrangement of open landscapes, environmental design, planning, design, building and maintenance of landscape objects, their reconstruction, supervision and control, monitoring of the state inventory, cadastral evaluation, protection and recovery of plantations in suburban and urban landscapes.

Fields of training


Graduates of the faculty work in Saint Petersburg Administration (Landscape Development Department of the Committee of Improvement, the Committee of State Control, Exploitation and Protection of Monuments of Culture and History, Committee of City Building and Architecture), in state museum preserves and other historical gardens and parks, landscape enterprises, design bureaus, nurseries, greenhouse complexes, landscape companies, etc. in Russia and abroad.


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