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  • The FTU houses musical and vocal studios, schools of ballroom and sporting dances, school of effective communication technologies, section of decorative and applied arts.
  • The annual April Ball at the FTU is the most respected competition for dancing youung people of Saint Petersburg. It has a status of open championships of Saint Petersburg universities. The rules of the April Ball became unofficial rules of the whole dancing movement in the city.
  • The Department of Physical Training and Sports of the University is one of the leading departments of this kind in Saint Petersburg due to qualified teachers and instructors. Among them there are 20 staff members and 22 leading trainers – specialists in various sports, most of them with different degrees and ranks.
  • 25 sports sections are functioning in the FTU, among them are: athletics, football, basketball, hockey, handball, rugby, auto racing, tennis, skiing, single combats, sports tourism sections and many others.
  • One of the strongest sections is one of track-and-field athletics. Eleven future champions of Russia among youth were in training here. In 2012, Natalya Antyukh won the gold medal in 400 m hurdles at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Well-known sportsmen, the Europe champion in boxing D. Tsaruk and world champion in kickboxing A. Berdnikov had been students of the University.
  • The FTU student team is a repeated champion in auto-racing among Saint Petersburg universities, and the FTU graduates I. Borodulin and S. Monakhov became champions of Russia.
  • Members of the hockey and football teams of the University are the repeated winners of championships among Saint Petersburg universities and student championships of Russia. In 2012, the FTU football team won a great victory and became bronze medalist of the Russian Federation university championship among 350 teams. In 2013, the FTU hockey team became bronze medalist of the Russian national Championship The Night Hockey League.
  • Rugby team of the University has won the title Champion of Saint Petersburg universities many times, some of members participated in national rugby team of Russia.
  • Basketball girl’s team won silver medal in streetball First All-Russian festival of student sport.
  • For several years the combined team of the FTU has been taking prizes in Saint Petersburg university competitions.
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