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Conifer International Network as a platform to establish business contacts between Russian and Finnish forest sector.

Forestry and related industries - an extremely important sector of the economy as Finland and Russia. Expansion of cross-border cooperation in this area is one of the ways to improve the competitiveness of the forest sector in both countries, the implementation of new business opportunities and increasing employment.

The specific role played by the expansion of cooperation between universities and research institutions as centers of development and innovation and training qualified professionals.

Successful promotion of this process , coordinating the needs of all organizations interested in cooperation and the exchange of experience and know -how between the forest sector representatives from both countries can contribute to the creation of the Finnish-Russian Forest Academy. This idea was the basis for two consecutive projects: " Prepare to build the Finnish-Russian Forest Academy" and " Finnish- Russian Forest Academy 2 - development and testing of models ," financed under ENPI CBC programs for the region South-East Finland - North west Russia. Participated in the project Lappeenranta Universitet of Technology (LUT), St. Petersburg State Forest Technical University ( SPbSFTU ), St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers ( SPb STUPP ) Finnish Research Institute of Forestry (Metla) and supported by the Committee on Natural Resources of the Leningrad Region.

Finnish- Russian Forest Academy , later called Conifer (Connecting Finnish-Russian Forest Sector Expertise) - is a kind of link between educational and research institutions , industrial enterprises and companies , public and governmental organizations , government agencies and authorities forest sector represented professionals forest industry in Finland and Russia.

Conifer will become an information center to provide the organization and coordination of various activities related to the implementation of the forestry sector projects in the fields of education , science, the idea has an open format , and are interested in developing a network of parties have the opportunity to develop this idea further , and taking into account other adjacent to the forest sector areas.

Providing a platform for the expansion of cooperation between the forest sector organizations at all levels , Conifer will contribute to strengthening mutual trust between representatives of the forest and related sectors of the economy of Finland and Russia , which will lead to a more profitable and efficient cooperation at both the national and international levels.

Since October 2013 is open for applications for accession to the international network of Conifer. Further information can be obtained by e -mail : mchubinsky@gmail.com

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