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The Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical University is an internationally recognized centre of modern forest science, comprising a number of scientific schools and directions. Results of the university’s research often go to commercial exploitation development and realized at forest complex enterprises.

    The most important directions of scientific activity:
  • development of technologies of wood composite materials with application of nanotechnologies,
  • creation of modern innovative techniques and methods of quality control and wood produce,
  • creation of innovative methods of organization of forest transport infrastructure and forest industry logistics,
  • increasing of efficiency of logging in specific environment industrial conditions at complex forest exploitation,
  • production of alternative fuel (biofuel) from renewable power sources,
  • creation of complex technology of utilization of hardwood and low-grade wood with production of bioactive substances,
  • search of new strategies for synthesis of organic compounds on basis of wood components,
  • application of GIS for monitoring of forest resources, planning of sustainable forestry,
  • development of new methods of long-term forecasting of insect pests and diseases outbreaks,
  • modeling of biological processes on the basis of genetic research for development conditions of intensive forestry and high-yielding forest culture.

The FTU provides scientific and innovative infrastructure, new scientific fields, importance of which may significantly increase in future and predetermine development of forest branch of national economy as proposed in the framework of the Russian national Strategy-2020.

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